Sara A. Kauder, LL.B. – Employment Lawyer

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Sara believes that specialization provides the most effective counsel. This has led her to focus exclusively on employment law. Sara has the kind of clear-sighted objectivity that both employee and employer clients find invaluable in a trusted advisor. Sara is an employment law expert known for helping both employees and employers with the challenges they face, including matters relating to wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, cause terminations, human rights issues, workplace violence and harassment as well as the drafting of employment contracts and policies. Sara has represented clients in the Superior Courts as well as before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and the Ministry of Labour. Her consistent approach has made her a critical part of the team at Minken Employment Lawyers, where she started her career in 2004.

A Unique Philosophy

Sara believes that clients need more than a legal solution to their case; they need closure and the assurance that they’ve made the best decisions possible for their particular situation. This approach has earned her the reputation for always presenting the bottom line to her clients, providing them with a sharp analysis that gives them the straightforward facts they need to make informed decisions regarding their case. Sara has found that in an area as critical as employment law, the fight is best won when clients have a clear understanding, not only of the goal, but of what is involved in achieving the target. Her keenness in assessing when to dispute and when to resolve ensures that the reward at the end is well worth the struggle. While she draws on years of experience, she also firmly believes in ensuring that her negotiating strategy is backed by a solid legal foundation. This combination of solid abilities, insightful perspectives and a strategic approach are what clients have come to know and trust.

Sara is able to advise and guide her clients through issues that arise during all phases of the employment relationship. Some examples are as follows:

How Sara Helps Employees

• Reviewing hiring letters, employment agreements and contracts presented to employees at the outset of the employment relationship;
• Advising regarding issues that arising during the employment relationship, including human rights issues, accommodation in the workplace, disciplinary issues, performance improvement plans, violence and harassment;
• Advising regarding constructive dismissal situations and negotiation of exit packages;
• Reviewing termination packages and negotiating improvements;
• Advising and representing employees in response to the enforcement of non-solicitation and non-complete clauses; and,
• Commencing litigation as required before the Superior Court, Human Rights Tribunal and Ministry of Labour.

How Sara Helps Employers

• Drafting hiring letters and employment agreements;
• Advising employers regarding human rights issues that arise in the workplace and responding to requests for accommodation;
• Advising regarding disciplinary and performance management of employees, including drafting warning letters and determining whether terminations for cause are appropriate;
• Advising regarding terminations, including notice assessments, drafting termination letters and Releases, responding to claims of wrongful dismissal from terminated employees;
• Advising regarding claims of constructive dismissal and responding to same;
• Advising regarding claims of harassment and responding to same;
• Drafting cease and desist letters;
• Advising regarding the enforcement of non-solicitation and non-competition clauses;
• Human Resources Policy review and drafting;
• Commencing legal action as required before the Superior Court; and,
• Responding to legal action as required before the Superior Court, Human Rights Tribunal and Ministry of Labour.

Education and Speaking

Sara has used her employment law knowledge to co-author papers for a variety of publications for organizations including The Law Society of Upper Canada; Osgoode Hall Professional Development Centre; Ontario Bar Association; Human Resources Professionals Association; and publications such as Canadian Employment Law Today, Canadian HR Reporter, The Canadian Employer, Law Times, HR Professional, and a quarterly column in Magazine for Business.

Sara enjoys participating as a guest speaker at various corporate and business functions as well as professional development seminars as a way to help educate and assist those in the community. She is a member of The Law Society of Upper Canada as well as the York Region Law Association. Sara is also a Director on the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.


Advocacy – “Sara Kauder offers a great service to her clients. She is personable, attentive to details, and an expert in her field. I benefited greatly from her wisdom, advice and her advocacy. I would highly recommend her to anyone” – C.B.

Long Term Employee – Human Rights Issues – “I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Minken Employment Lawyers. As a client facing a truly stressful and difficult time, the staff made me feel comfortable and confident. They displayed the utmost care and a truly terrific customer service attitude. I appreciate their professionalism, help and the genuine concern shown to me as a client and I would not hesitate to refer this law office to anyone who perceives they have suffered an injustice in some respect to their rights in regards to employment. Many thanks to Ms. Sara Kauder for all of her help.” – C.B.

Employment Agreement Dispute Resolution Preventing Litigation –  “I wanted to thank you for your firm’s diligence in all matters relative to my case. Principally your efforts, along with Kim’s and Sara’s, are very much appreciated. It is even more obvious to me now, that “the little guy” needs the protection afforded by firm like yours in even the most straightforward of situations. I can only shake my head at what would have been if I did not have a fairly clear, signed, employment agreement in place. How many employees would even have that?” – J.R.

Pharmaceutical Company – Drafting Employment Agreement, Policies – “Minken Employment Lawyers is our Employment Law firm who provides us with legal representation with respect to Hiring and Terminations, Policies, Enforcement of Noon-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses, litigation over Constructive & Wrongful Dismissal allegations. Minken Employment Lawyers provide us with top notch representation which I attribute to their strategic ability in analyzing our cases and the available.” – A.K.

Termination Package Review – “I was referred to Sara by a friend. I found Sara’s consultation very insightful. Her guidance enabled me to effectively assess my options and helped me to make an informed decision. I highly recommend Sara to anyone who needs legal advice on employment related issues. She is approachable and knowledgeable.” – H.S.

Enhanced Severance Package – “I worked directly with Sara Kauder from Minken Employment Lawyers. She is excellent, very knowledgeable. She was able to help me get through the emotions and make me feel comfortable with the direction we needed to take to achieve the best results. I would highly recommend her.” – C.B.

Litigation Resolution – “Ronald Minken and his colleagues were very helpful in assuring that our conflict with one of our employees settled in a respectful manner. I was very happy with the outcome and the level of professionalism that was demonstrated. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of employment legal advice to call the Law Office. We were working with Sara Kauder and I felt like I was in good hands the whole time.” – M.P.

Enhanced Severance Package – “I found Minken Employment Lawyers to be an outstanding resource. The team, especially Sara Kauder, were tremendously knowledgeable and very compassionate. They truly understand both sides of the process and are passionate about optimal and complete resolution in every respect. They made me feel comfortable and confident that they would achieve what we felt was respectfully deserved, and they stood by me every step of the way. I would recommend them unreservedly.” – S.B.

Enhanced Severance Package – “I was referred by a friend to Minken Employment Lawyers. I was extremely pleased with the outstanding service and support from the team. Sara Kauder in particular was always professional, very thorough and was always available to discuss any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend this team should you need expert support during an employment transition.” – K.B.

Human Resource Policy Review, Hiring Contracts – “(Our Company) has been using Minken Employment Lawyers since 2014. Ron Minken and his colleagues Sara Kauder and Kyle Burgis have assisted us with various employment matters including Human Resource Policy review, hiring contracts and other employment issues. Everyone on the Minken team that I have dealt with has been professional, excellent at providing all sides of the argument and offered helpful advice.” – L.M.

Guest Speaker – “Sara provided an informative and educational presentation for our attendees. The moms who were on maternity leave gained lots of valuable information on employment issues when they return to work. Sara was engaging and professional despite lots of crying babies in the audience 🙂 We would love to have Sara speak for us again!” – W.N.

Guest Speaker – “Sara and I have known each other a short time through our association with her company, Minken Employment Lawyers being a Sponsor and Supporter of the Business Woman’s Network of York Regions Annual Awards Gala… through this affiliation, we had Sara speak at our Monthly Main Public Event where each Guest Speaker must address a point in a Business Plan, and her skill as a speaker, engaging the audience regarding this subject was informative and clear showing her understanding and knowledge in her field. We would definitely recommend Sara as a Guest Speaker.” – E.J.