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Employment Law encompasses a large number of issues facing both employers and employees in the modern workplace. Learn more about these different issues, concepts and legislation in our library of Employment Law Issues.

Coronavirus Guide

COVID-19 is forcing many Ontario businesses to consider work-from-home strategies, paid and unpaid time off for their employees, and even short term closures. We are diligently assisting our clients to manage these challenges at their workplace, and have put together this guide to answer the question: As an employer, what do you need to know about COVID-19, and what are your responsibilities for keeping your workplace safe and your employees healthy? For more information or to DOWNLOAD our Guide please go to Employer’s Guide to Covid-19 & the Workplace.

Employer Guides

As an employer, what are your responsibilities? Minken Employment Lawyers are here to assist you. For more information download one of our Employer’s Guides:

Service Canada

The Canadian Government resource site that helps all Canadians and is the leading source for jobs and labour market information for both employers and employees. Learn more about Service Canada and how it can help you.


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Minken Employment Lawyers is a firm that stays on the leading edge of Canadian employment law. Our lawyers are regular contributors to business and legal publications. Read our latest and archived articles in our library of Published Articles.