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We are your business solutions advisors with over 30 years of experience in employment law. By collaborating with our employer clients to develop and implement human resource processes, employee policy manuals and strategies, we strive to prevent conflicts from arising. However, if issues do arise, we provide strategic legal advice and guidance in an effort to resolve matters and represent our clients throughout the litigation process if necessary.

“Prevention is the best strategy” is what compliance is all about and we are here to help in guiding and advising management and HR professionals on the various issues of employment relationships. We keep our finger on the pulse of the developments in employment law by regularly reviewing recent decisions coming out of various levels of courts and tribunals and analyzing them in our educational meetings to determine the applicability of the cases to the specific situations of our clients. We help our clients in protecting their reputation, boost workplace morale and save costs down the road by educating and advising our management and employer clients on their rights and obligations in such areas as employment standards, human rights, violence and harassment issues, workplace policies, hiring and termination strategy and practices, independent contractor issues and agreements.

However, we realize that disagreements over even seemingly insignificant issues can quickly lead to litigation, in which case we will still try to minimize costs by employing proactive negotiating strategies. This is very successful and most of our cases are resolved by way of an alternative dispute resolution. We excel in representing our clients in various levels of the Courts and before the tribunals when necessary.

Some areas of expertise we assist our employer clients include:

Review and development of workplace policies All areas of the Employment Standards Act, 2000
Rights and obligations of employers and employees Canada Labour Code
Accommodation in the workplace Ontario Accessibility Act
General review of employment hiring practices Mass terminations
Employment contracts, agreements,
hiring letters
Preparation of severance and termination packages
Workplace violence and harassment – Bill 168 Fiduciary obligations
Seminars and training sessions Injunctions to enforce non-competition and non-solicitation agreements 







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