May 22, 2019

Mediation is not only recommended before trial, but is actually a mandatory step in the litigation process in Toronto. Mediation has a number of benefits to employers and employees involved in disputes, including avoiding the cost, time, emotional toll, and public disclosure of a trial.


A Guide to Severance Pay Under the Employment Standards Act, 2000

April 9, 2019

The Employment Standards Act, 2000 obligates employers to provide employees with severance pay under certain circumstances. “Severance pay” is com Read More...

Workplace Discriminatory Comment

Religious Accommodation in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

March 12, 2019

Ontario employers have a duty to accommodate employees with respect to any protected ground under human rights legislation. This includes religion.

Frustrated Woman

Bill 57: New Law Puts the Brakes on the Pay Transparency Act

February 19, 2019

Despite pay equity and anti-discrimination laws, female workers in Ontario continue to earn less than their male peers. In an attempt to address the o Read More...