Why Our Firm?

  • Established in 1990 – years of success with over 10,000 clients served
  • Extensive & Exclusive Employment Law Expertise – not a general practice firm
  • Recognized as Leading Authority in Employment Law – frequently interviewed by media
  • Authors & Guest Speakers – Law Society of Upper Canada, Ontario Bar Association, Osgoode Professional Development Centre, etc.
  • Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers since 2008 – by Canadian HR Reporter – Thomson Carswell Publishers
  • Representation of Employers & Employees – balanced and unique perspective provides strategic advantage
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & Mediation Experience – prevention and resolution based approach to cases
  • Dynamic Team Approach to Maximize Result & Reduce Costs – cost-effective distribution of work amongst lawyers and support staff
  • Flat fee Initial Consultation – up to an hour of actual legal advice during initial meeting as opposed to an introductory meeting. Telephone consultations can be arranged
  • Fixed & Deferred fees – applicable to some services and cases
  • Representation at all Courts and Tribunals through Canada – experienced in Superior Court, the Court of Appeal and in submissions to the Supreme Court of Canada, Human Rights Tribunal

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