Employment Law Dispute Resolution

To resolve your dispute, you need an expert employment law negotiator.

Sometimes even the best laid plans can be derailed. When employers and employees don’t see eye to eye, Minken Employment Lawyers can act to resolve disputes in the most effective way possible under Canadian employment law.

Cost-Effective, Expedient Techniques

Optimal solutions for employment disputes often lie outside of the courtroom, but only when the lawyer has the knowledge, expertise and experience to bring about such a result.

At Minken Employment Lawyers, we have over 30 years of experience. Our exclusive focus on employment law equips us to resolve employment disputes cost-effectively and efficiently even before they reach litigation.

The keys to our success in employment dispute resolution include using the latest and most relevant legal tools available in the field of Canadian employment law, and applying strategic negotiation techniques.

The Most Common Areas of Dispute

Our legal team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help clients who face employment disputes such as:

  • Employment Contracts—interpretation and enforceability of terms, conditions and clauses.
  • Employment Dismissals / Terminations—wrongful, constructive and for cause.
  • Notice for Terminated Employees—disputes over severance packages and terms of dismissal.
  • Workplace Issues—harassment, violence, privacy, electronic media use, disability, medical leaves and absenteeism.

In our experience, many of these issues can be successfully resolved before reaching the courts. We use our experience and expertise in Canadian employment law to secure the most cost-effective and expedient resolution possible for our clients.

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