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Free No-Obligation Telephone Review 

For a Free, No-Obligation Telephone Review please complete the above online request form or call us directly at (905) 477-7011 (toll-free at 1-866-477-7011).  A member of our legal team will contact you before the next business day to listen to your concerns, assess the type of legal services you may require, and explain the details and processes involved in an initial consultation meeting. After speaking to you, we will schedule an appointment for you to meet one of our experienced lawyers.

Our Initial Consultation

Many people are apprehensive or unsure about bringing their employment issue to a lawyer.  Whether you’re facing an employer or employee issue, or need review and analysis of an employment contract, termination package, or workplace policy, our initial consultation session is your first, and possibly your most important step in gaining comprehensive insight on how to proceed with your particular issue.

We understand that seeking legal advice is an important investment of time and effort on your part.  A trained intake team member will obtain the necessary information from you and recommend the most appropriate initial consultation option with one of our experienced employment lawyers.  In some circumstances, such as a termination package or contract review, we will require relevant documents to be sent to us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled consultation to ensure that the lawyer has adequate time to analyze your situation and perform legal research to assess your case.  During the initial consultation meeting with a lawyer additional information will be obtained to complete a comprehensive assessment of your case and to provide legal advice.  The lawyer will explain the best strategy, perform a cost-benefit analysis and determine any possible financial or tax implications affecting your particular situation.  You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about details of the process and various fee arrangements offered by our firm.

You will leave the session armed with knowledge, fully informed of your options and peace of mind.

Legal Fees

We offer a variety of fee arrangements as appropriate for each type of case.  Our hourly billings rates are most competitive and depend on the years of experience of the lawyer.  We also offer flat/fixed fee and deferred fee options for some of our services and in select cases at different stages of negotiation and litigation.

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