Dismissed Woman
March 12, 2018

  While employers in Ontario have a right to terminate their employees, there is also a requirement that the termination is done in good faith. If employees are treated poorly by their employer during the course of their termination, there can be serious financial penalties for the offending employer. In the recent Ontario Superior Court […]

Argument at work

Protection Against Workplace Discrimination Broadened

January 11, 2018

Can an employee claim workplace discrimination against an employee from another company? According to the recent Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) c Read More...

Signing a contract agreement

The Validity of Perpetual Contracts Upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada

December 20, 2017

The Supreme Court recently affirmed the validity of perpetual contracts under Quebec law. In Uniprix inc. v. Gestion Gosselin et Bérubé inc., the Co Read More...

Child Care – Employers Must Accommodate

Taxi Company Not Liable for Driver’s Sexual Assault

December 5, 2017

In Ivic v. Lakovic, 2017 ONCA 446, a taxi driver was accused of sexually assaulting a passenger in the taxi. To what extent is the employer liable for Read More...

  • Discrimination Dictionary Definition

    WSIB Violates Human Rights Code

    November 13, 2017

    The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario recently decided that the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board failed to accommodate the needs of an inju Read More...

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