Approach to Employment Law

At Minken Employment Lawyers, we don’t just navigate the complex legal issues. We don’t just win cases. We base all our work on a set of foundational principles that puts our clients in an optimal position to make decisions and achieve outcomes in their best interests.

Strategic Analysis

For many clients, employment disputes can be complex to evaluate objectively. Our experience handling thousands of cases in employment law equips us to offer expert, objective strategies to achieve outcomes that:

  • prevent litigation
  • limit liability
  • save costs
  • secure the greatest entitlements

Upfront Cost-Benefit Comparisons

At each successive step of the case, we carefully weigh all the variables and make cost-benefit comparisons.  We fully inform you of your options to ensure that your best interests continue to be protected legally, practically and financially.

Disclosure and Transparency

Our client commitment also means transparency at all stages. Our lawyers ensure that you are made aware of all the factors affecting your case, as this puts you in the best position to make the most informed and objective decisions possible.

Leading Edge Expertise

Our firm is committed to staying on the leading edge of Canadian employment law. Our lawyers regularly author and present papers and articles, and are also featured as guest speakers for workshops and presentations on the latest employment law issues.

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