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We are your support team when it comes to all phases of the employment law relationship, including the hiring process, during employment and at the end of the employment relationship. Our approach is catered to our clients’ needs. When one is unfairly treated we will advise on available options. If the offer is fair and lawful, or not cost-effective to pursue, we will endeavour to save our clients time and costs as early in the case as possible. Knowledge is power, so we encourage our clients to come to us early in any employment situation they encounter, from receiving an employment contract to the dissolution of the employment relationship and everything in between. Our role is to educate and advise our employee clients.

We can provide representation by negotiating directly with the employer or by providing guidance behind the scenes to preserve relationships and minimize the risk of a disagreement escalating to litigation. There is a mutual benefit to both sides, management and employee, as well as a reduction of costs when expert legal counsel is involved.

Sometimes it is necessary to escalate disputes to litigation to ensure rights are protected and justice prevails. We will guide our clients through this process and assist them in making key decisions. We will advocate our clients’ position and provide the best legal representation in the Courts and Tribunals as well as throughout the negotiating process.

Some of the issues we assist our clients with during the course of the employment relationship include:

Workplace violence and harassment Employers’ duty to accommodate
Workplace disability Leaves of absence
Workplace privacy and confidentiality Accessibility at workplace
Changes to terms of employment Wrongful dismissal
Human rights Constructive dismissal


These issues arise frequently and require timely legal guidance to preserve the relationship and optimize the entitlement. In the event of the dissolution of the employment relationship, we assist in assessing the client’s entitlement and structuring the termination or retirement package to ensure the most beneficial financial and tax outcome for the client.

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