Our Clients

Minken Employment Lawyers provides legal services to a broad range of employees, employers, law firms, corporate counsel and human resource departments. Through years of experience, we’ve gained a thorough understanding of the motivations, thought patterns, aims and strategies used by all types of parties.

This expertise is one of the reasons we continue to develop insightful, comprehensive and practical strategies for winning client cases, regardless of which side we represent.

What We Accomplish for Employer Clients

We serve employers and businesses that need more than what a generalist firm can provide. Even companies with in-house counsel require a lawyer with expertise in handling employment law issues.

We help employers to structure employment/termination packages, develop policies and handle workplace issues in a way that saves costs, limits liability and protects the interests of their business.

What We Accomplish for Employee Clients

We serve clients who are employees in unionized and non-unionized environments. We can ensure that such employees receive their fullest entitlement possible under Canadian employment law.

Employees are best served when they seek an employment lawyer before making employment decisions. But since many employees are unaware of their rights until after trouble erupts, we have the expertise to help them secure their rights even in the midst of an employment dispute.

International Employers

We also serve the needs of international businesses that currently have or plan to send global employees to work in Canada. Such businesses need a lawyer with expertise in Canadian employment law in order to successfully operate with global employees in Canada.