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Effective mediation combines expertise, experience and people-savvy.

Lawyers with clients who are involved in employment disputes often go to mediation for resolution. At such times, the involved parties need the services of a mediator experienced in Canadian employment law. Effective mediation at this point can make the difference between an expedient resolution and a lengthy court battle.

Exclusive Experience for Effective Mediation

Ronald Minken, founder and Managing Director at Minken Employment Lawyers, received his Mediation Certificate from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1998 and has practised law for over 30 years focusing exclusively on employment law. Ron has mediated Employment Law cases for leading Canadian Employment Law Counsel and for national companies. He is one of Canada’s top Employment Law practitioners, as selected by Canadian HR Reporter in its Canada’s Employment Lawyers Directory.

Ron is available for mediation, both locally and abroad, on cases involving Employment Law matters.

The Mediation Advantage

The prime goal in mediation is to resolve disputes expediently and optimally for both sides. We aim to facilitate communication by using our expertise to help both parties explore their options alongside the latest and most relevant legal tools in Canadian employment law.

We believe that effective mediation requires more than just legal knowledge. It includes using insight and savvy to balance a multitude of personalities and viewpoints, and to arrive at a solution that is tailored to both parties. We don’t aim for a lose-lose compromise. Our target is to arrive at a constructive win-win solution that all parties have taken part in crafting.

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