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Minken Employment Lawyers is a specialty employment law boutique that provides expert legal services on a full range of workplace issues to employees, employers, law firms, corporate counsel and human resource departments in a variety of industries. Our specialized knowledge of the laws governing employment relationships, experience in dispute resolution and mediation allow us to bring a unique and valuable perspective to the table. Through over 25 years of experience, we have gained a thorough understanding of the underlying motivations, thought patterns, aims and strategies often at play in employment law matters. This expertise is one of the reasons we continue to develop insightful, comprehensive and practical strategies for winning client cases, regardless of which side we represent.

Some of our areas of expertise include providing guidance, advice and representation with respect to the Hiring Process (Employment Contracts, Executive Contracts and Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements); Employment and Workplace Policies; Rights and Obligations of Employees and Employers; Employment Terminations (strategic advice regarding Terminations, Wrongful Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Cause Terminations, Temporary Lay-offs, creation and review of Severance Packages and structuring etc.); Human Rights in the Workplace; Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace; Employment Standards and other legislation compliance and more…

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The modern workplace is not as simple as it used to be. Minken Employment Lawyers provides expert legal services on a full range of Canadian workplace issues. We’ve had over 25 years of experience helping employers and employees save costs, prevent litigation and secure rights and entitlements.

Ontario Ministry of Labour
May 2, 2016, Comments Off on New Guidelines for Tips and Gratuities in the Workplace

Effective June 10, 2016, it will be illegal for employers to retain a portion of their employee’s tips and other gratuities, except under certain circumstances permitted under the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

Signing a contract agreement
April 7, 2016, Comments Off on Termination during a Probationary Period

In Nagribianko. v. Select Wine Merchants Ltd., the Divisional Court found a former employee was unfairly awarded damages by the lower court after being let go during his probationary period.

Ministry of Ontario Logo
April 5, 2016, Comments Off on Ontario to Increase the Minimum Wage October 1

On October 1, 2016 the Ontario government will raise the general minimum wage from $11.25 per hour to $11.40 per hour.

Canadian Court Columns
March 10, 2016, Comments Off on Exclusivity and the Dependent Contractor

In Keenan v Canac Kitchens Ltd., a Division of Kohler Ltd., the Court of Appeal upheld the 2015 determination the plaintiffs were dependent contractors entitled to 26 months’ reasonable notice.

House of Commons in the Canadian Parliament

In Canada, laws governing employment issues exist on both a federal and provincial level. What are the differences between the two key pieces of legislation affecting the workplace?

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