Employee Testimonials

Severance Package Review
“The service I received was excellent. All my questions were answered clearly. Direction on my problem was concise and extremely valuable.” – R.K.

Consultation re: Employment Dispute
“Thank you for going the extra mile to help me make an informed decision as to how to proceed.” – A.K.

Health Benefits for LTD Dispute
“Thank you for giving me a pleasant and worry free experience. I was at first nervous and skeptical in obtaining legal advice. But from my initial phone call to my first visit I was treated with respect and very kindly, which made me feel at ease. Thank you once again for a pleasant experience.” – J.P.

“Mr. Minken, you are an excellent ambassador to your profession.” – L.P.

Termination Package Review
“Kyle is wonderful and kind. Unhurried and welcoming. I will definitely recommend the firm to my peers and companies I dealt with in my accounting practice.” – T.L.

Severance Package Review
“Sara was amazing! She was so professional and personable. She was great in going through my severance package and explained each point in the most understandable manner. I left having a peace of mind that I had a great package and that she was there to support me if I had any further questions. My highest recommendation…” – C.E.

Client reluctant to engage an employment law counsel
“When I had an initial meeting with Mr. Minken on the first day, I knew that I could trust him. He cared about my case and he was concerned about my problems. His professional manner provides me with a sense of security in potentially stressful situations.” – S.F.

Initial Consultation to Review Terms of Termination Package
“Leaving I had a good understanding of my options and limitations. In the end, after face to face negotiation, I was able to improve the original contract and receive benefits for one year as I had hoped. I also received slightly more financially.

Thanks for your help, Kyle. I would recommend your services to others who may find themselves in the same position.” – D.R.

Termination Package Review
“Having my consultation with Sara was as great as I could have hoped for. Her office and smile were inviting and she appeared very willing and open to handling my scenario. She walked me through what can be expected in a case like this and that she will work diligently through it. She took the time to ask me the questions she needed and allowed me to take the time to explain to her any extra information I thought she may need to know, relevant or irrelevant. She was always friendly and warm and most importantly was professional at all times.”

Employment Dispute Advice
“Thank you for the great service that was given to me by Ron Minken. I appreciated his quality of service, sincere approach and kind words of advice. The atmosphere was very relaxing and I was put at ease the moment I got in.” – M.C.

Severance Package Advice
“Sara Kauder listened to what mattered most to me regarding my situation. Her comments were very much on point. She gave me what I needed to make an informed choice. This has set my mind at ease, and I feel I can now finalize my severance arrangements with confidence, and more importantly, I can move forward with my future plans knowing what I can and cannot do. This is exactly what I needed.” – B.W.

Charles B Ticker Law Office
“I recently referred a client who needed representation in a wrongful dismissal matter. The client was so pleased with Ron’s services that he sent me a personal note of gratitude for introducing him to Ron. Not only did Ron do a great job in getting the case settled, but he made me look good for making the referral!” – Charles Ticker, Estate Litigator and Mediator.

Wrongful Dismissal Litigation
“I would most definitely recommend Minken Employment Lawyers and would like to once again extend my gratitude for providing a positive experience from A to Z, in what is not exactly a “high point” in my life and career, it has definitely been made a little brighter by the associates at Minken Law.” – C.P.

Executive Termination Settlement avoiding Litigation
“Your efforts and expertise have significantly increased the overall value of the settlement provided to me. Your involvement not only increased the monetary value of the settlement but also served to ensure that several other issues, both monetary and otherwise, were resolved, without dispute, to my satisfaction.” – B.R.

Employment Dispute and Termination
“All of my questions and concerns were clearly and professionally addressed. Your expertise in cases such as mine was well worth the investment. You have been prompt in your research, accurate in evaluating situations and sympathetic to the stresses involved. I am completely satisfied in the results and will not hesitate to contact you, should I require your services again.” – S.S.

Long Term Employee – Human Rights Issues
“I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Minken Employment Lawyers. As a client facing a truly stressful and difficult time, the staff made me feel comfortable and confident. They displayed the utmost care and a truly terrific customer service attitude. I appreciate their professionalism, help and the genuine concern shown to me as a client and I would not hesitate to refer this law office to anyone who perceives they have suffered an injustice in some respect to their rights in regards to employment. Many thanks to Ms. Sara Kauder for all of her help.” – C.B.

Advice on terms of Executive Retirement Package – VP Sales
“From my initial phone call to your office and on through to your appreciation card I could not have asked for a more welcoming atmosphere right along with the extremely professional service and guidance that was afforded me. With the information that was provided by Mr. Minken I was able to go back to my company and negotiate myself an improved retirement package.” – M.S

Wrongful Dismissal Negotiations
“I just wanted to express my gratitude for the professional and high quality work Sara Kauder has been providing me for my wrongful dismissal claim. Sara has been extremely courteous, understanding and professional. She has delivered what she promised and would not hesitate in referring Sara to my friends.” – T.H.

Severance Package Negotiation
“Mr. Minken’s firm was able to assist & guide me in a process which eventually resulted in extending a termination/severance offer from 6 to 11 months of salary equivalence, including benefits extension. Subsequent meetings & communiqués with employer reps led to the 83% improvement in the offer value.” – D.R.

Employment Law Dispute
“I’d like to express my thanks to Minken Employment Lawyers, and especially to Sara and Kim for all your hard work. It’s a trying, stressful time for the client and your professionalism and efficient way of working with me was much appreciated and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need.” – D.W.

Employment Termination
“I found Mr. Ron Minken to be very cordial, reassuring, and completely honest about the chances of an augmentation to my settlement. He was thorough in this research and very patient and compassionate. After only one meeting with my ex employer he offered me a full 6 additional months of salary, continuation of my medical benefits, plus payment in full of my legal bills… I offered to pen this letter for Mr. Minken to show any client who is leery of the process…It does work. Put aside your fear and trepidation, and go out and get what you deserve!” – N.F.

Strategic Legal Guidance preventing potential dispute – Ongoing Employment
It seems everything is going well once again and my job should be secure as I move on from this recent issues. Thanks to Mr. Minken for his guidance and support through the situation I found myself in with my employer and for the extra assistance he provided with my reply to the letter I received. I was most concerned that I might have responded to the letter in a way that would have escalated the situation. Fortunately this did not happen and I credit Mr. Minken and the help he provided for keeping my employment situation intact. In the future, if I encounter any other employment issues that could jeopardize the long term investment I have made with the company where I’m employed, Mr. Minken will be definitely the person I call for legal support and guidance.” – A.C.

Current Employment Advice and Guidance Preventing an Employment Dispute – Senior Manager
“I am writing further to my meeting with Ron Minken on August 16th. I met Ron to discuss a potential constructive dismissal situation at work. Ron provided me with objective advice that helped me to see that the best thing for me to do was to keep a positive attitude at work and use the time I had remaining with my current job to find other employment opportunities. I took the situation at work very personally because I had built the department from a couple of people to its present size. There were a lot of personality conflicts and I felt that someone was intentionally trying to limit my career at work. Ron helped me to see that there may have been things I said that could have contributed to this person’s insecurities and that in his experience, most of these situations amount to misunderstandings. This helped me to reflect on changes I can make to improve my own situation at work.

I have since met with the owner of the company and he was able to clarify that the move was not a demotion. It was an effort to ‘shake things up’ and move resources around. As a result of my discussion with the owner, I have now been given a larger and more exciting mandate at work. 

Please extend my thanks to Ron for his thoughtful and very helpful professional advice.” – A.M.

Negotiation and Resolution of Employment Dispute
“I want to take this time to thank you for all your efforts and success in obtaining a settlement in my case. It was a long day! The result is very much welcomed. This was certainly a trying time for me, but all of the time you spent answering my questions and guiding me through the whole process helped me tremendously. I am very appreciative of the help, time and effort you and your team at Minken & Associates provided me. I could not have imagined going through this process by myself and having the advice and representation of your firm was invaluable. I will be most happy to recommend and refer anyone in need of employment legal services to you and your office. Thank you all again for the outstanding job!” – S.B.

Wrongful Dismissal Employment Dispute Resolution, Director of Education at a learning centre
“After doing research on the internet, Ron’s experience led me to believe that he would be the best person to help me with my situation. I was looking for peace of mind and for someone to give me accurate information, guidance and direction – I got just that.” – W.C.

International Employment Contract Review – Canadian IT professional
“I was really impressed with how up front you were about the costs and risks associated with the different paths that could be taken. I was also impressed how efficient and thorough you were dealing with my case. I couldn’t believe how many additional clauses contained in the contract could have jeopardized the future of the corporation. I greatly appreciate your continued support.” – J.W.

Employment Contract Advice
“You gave us a great deal of valuable information and we sincerely appreciate your thoroughness, support and clarity. It is always a pleasure dealing with professional companies and yours sets the bar to new heights.” – A.S

Employment Agreement Dispute Resolution preventing litigation
“I wanted to thank you for your firm’s diligence in all matters relative to my case. Principally your efforts, along with Kim’s and Sara’s, are very much appreciated. It is even more obvious to me now, that “the little guy” needs the protection afforded by firm like yours in even the most straightforward of situations. I can only shake my head at what would have been if I did not have a fairly clear, signed, employment agreement in place. How many employees would even have that?” – J.R.

Employment Contract Review – Director of Finances
“I would like to thank Mr. Minken for his help in reviewing my employment contract. I found that he was very informative in providing me with his expert knowledge on matters pertaining to my situation and advising me appropriately. I found that he went above and beyond what I expected, and I greatly appreciate his help. I would highly recommend his services to other people and have already done so.” – G.L.

Employment Contract review and advice
I am very happy with the service provided by Sara who sat with me and reviewed in detail my employment offer letter and suggested modifications to the specific terms and conditions and/or negotiation strategies over certain issues. As a result of her feedback, I was able to negotiate in a concise manner with a well thought out strategy which ultimately ended in my accepting an offer letter. I truly value Sara’s assistance. – G.F.

Employment Contact Review – Director of Sales
“Mr. Minken, thank you for your thorough and professional approach providing legal advice regarding my employment contract. Your approach in our meeting was clear and succinct and your staff was warm and welcoming.” – M.M.