Canadian Employment Law

In this global economy, companies increasingly see the need to expand their operations into Canada, or to send employees to work in Canada. The challenge such employers face is that employment laws and standards differ greatly from one country to the next.

To successfully host employees in another country, it’s critical to minimize potential liability and ensure compliance with local employment standards. Minken Employment Lawyers focuses exclusively on Canadian employment law, and provides foreign firms with expertise on the legal implications, benefits and requirements surrounding such issues as:

  • Employment relationships (contracts, rights and obligations, non-competition)
  • Employment standards (wages, vacation, working conditions)
  • Termination issues (packages, timelines, procedures)
  • Canadian workplace policies governing human rights, safety and harassment, privacy, electronic media use (policy development and procedural implementation)

We can assist employers to meet the challenges of managing employees in Canada. We’ve also teamed up with Mamann Sandaluk Immigration Lawyers to provide seamless service in processing applications and requirements for Canadian work permits. See Canadian Immigration Law.

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