February 28, 2022

Ron Minken & Tanya Sambi interviewed by Canadian HR Reporter, February 2022: Pandemic dismissals: nothing but trouble

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Recording conversations in the workplace? – Legal and Practical Considerations

August 20, 2018

A question employment lawyers are often asked – by employers and employees alike - is whether it is legal to secretly record conversations at work.

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After-Acquired Cause: Can Just Cause For Termination Be Relied Upon After an Employee’s Dismissal?

July 16, 2018

In Aasgaard v Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, an employee who was given reasonable notice of his termination and a reasonable severance offer started his o Read More...

Canadian HR Reporter: Ghomeshi's legal HR quagmire

Ronald Minken Interviewed in Canadian HR Reporter

November 25, 2014

Ron Minken was interviewed by Sarah Dobson for an article in Canadian HR Reporter: “Ghomeshi's legal HR quagmire”.