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February 1, 2018

For employers seeking to fill labour or skill shortages, foreign workers can be a valuable resource. However, the law governing the hiring and management of foreign workers is complex, and the immigration process daunting. Below is a brief overview of the steps employers must take when seeking to employ foreign nationals on a temporary basis. […]

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Much needed changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program are in place

August 22, 2013

Minister of Employment and Social Development, Jason Kenney, announced reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

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Temporary Foreign Worker Program Remains in the Spotlight

August 19, 2013

There has been no shortage of controversy surrounding the issue of temporary foreign workers. Numerous cases of abuse of the rights of foreign workers Read More...

Exploitation of Migrant Employees -- African Woman Staring Desparingly out a Window

$195,000 Claim Highlights Rampant Exploitation of Migrant Employees

June 9, 2011

Even in this developed nation with laws governing employment and labour, shocking abuses still occur. One of the most common areas of exploitation is Read More...