Testimonials about Minken Employment Lawyers and Kyle Burgis

International Charity (Non-for-Profit) Organization with Unionized and Non-Unionized employees
Minken Employment Lawyers has assisted Canadian branch with grievances and labour issues, advising us with respect to our Collective Agreement, drafting employment contracts and advising with respect to ensuring the employment contracts will be upheld in Court, advising and strategizing with respect to terminations and exit packages, as well as various policies and practices relating to employee matters both locally and abroad.”

Wrongful Dismissal Litigation
“I would most definitely recommend Minken Employment Lawyers and would like to once again extend my gratitude for providing a positive experience from A to Z, in what is not exactly a “high point” in my life and career, it has definitely been made a little brighter by the associates at Minken Law.” – C.P.

Employment Contract Advice
“You gave us a great deal of valuable information and we sincerely appreciate your thoroughness, support and clarity. It is always a pleasure dealing with professional companies and yours sets the bar to new heights.” – A.S.

Termination Package Review
“Kyle is wonderful and kind. Unhurried and welcoming. I will definitely recommend the firm to my peers and companies I dealt with in my accounting practice.” – T.L.

Initial Consultation to Review Terms of Termination Package
“Leaving I had a good understanding of my options and limitations.  In the end, after face to face negotiation, I was able to improve the original contract and receive benefits for one year as I had hoped.  I also received slightly more financially.” Thanks for your help, Kyle. I would recommend your services to others who may find themselves in the same position.” – D.R.