Testimonials about Minken Employment Lawyers and Sara Kauder

Severance Package Review
“Sara was amazing! She was so professional and personable. She was great in going through my severance package and explained each point in the most understandable manner. I left having a peace of mind that I had a great package and that she was there to support me if I had any further questions. My highest recommendation….” – C.E.

Long Term Employee – Human Rights Issues
“I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of Minken Employment Lawyers. As a client facing a truly stressful and difficult time, the staff made me feel comfortable and confident. They displayed the utmost care and a truly terrific customer service attitude. I appreciate their professionalism, help and the genuine concern shown to me as a client and I would not hesitate to refer this law office to anyone who perceives they have suffered an injustice in some respect to their rights in regards to employment. Many thanks to Ms. Sara Kauder for all of her help.” – C.B.

Employment Agreement Dispute Resolution preventing litigation
 “I wanted to thank you for your firm’s diligence in all matters relative to my case. Principally your efforts, along with Kim’s and Sara’s, are very much appreciated. It is even more obvious to me now, that “the little guy” needs the protection afforded by firm like yours in even the most straightforward of situations. I can only shake my head at what would have been if I did not have a fairly clear, signed, employment agreement in place. How many employees would even have that?” – J.R.

Pharmaceutical Company
“Minken Employment Lawyers is our Employment Law firm who provides us with legal representation with respect to Hiring and Terminations, Policies, Enforcement of Noon-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses, litigation over Constructive & Wrongful Dismissal allegations. Minken Employment Lawyers provide us with top notch representation which I attribute to their strategic ability in analyzing our cases and the available.” – A.K.