Nova Scotia Makes it Easier for Working Professionals

Written by on May 6, 2014 in Employment Law Blog
Nova Scotia

Amendments to the Fair Registration Practices Act were introduced in Nova Scotia to make it easier for professionals to work in the province.

Amendments to the Act will ensure individuals who have been trained outside the province will be entitled to a fair review of their qualifications. All regulatory bodies overseeing professions will be subject to the legislation and its annual reporting.

Certain professionals such as engineers, physicians and surgeons will be required to meet specific standards or qualifications in order to practise in the province. These professional occupations will be overseen by larger regulatory bodies that determine the requirements and then assess and recognize the qualifications of each working professional. Under the Act, these regulatory bodies are accountable to be objective and transparent, and must report their registration, review and appeal processes, and fees.

For more details, visit Nova Scotia’s Labour and Advanced Education department.

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