Prince Edward Island’s Workers Compensation Act to be Amended

Written by on October 22, 2013 in Employment Law Blog
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The Government of Prince Edward Island plans to make a series of changes to the province’s Workers Compensation Act. The Department of Environment, Labour and Justice will introduce legislation based on the recommendations from a 2012 review of the Act to protect the interests of workers and employees. The objective of the changes is to make workers compensation more generous for employees, while keeping the system financially sustainable for employers.

Key proposed amendments to the Workers Compensation Act:

  1. Maintain or achieve fully funded status
  2. Reduce wait period from three days to two days
  3. Increase Wage Loss Benefit from 80% to 85% of Net Insurable Earnings
  4. Increase Indexation of Benefits from 75% to 80% of CPI

For more details, visit Prince Edward Island’s Department of Environment, Labour and Justice.

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