Best in Class Client Data Security

Files Protected by Chain Lock

We’re proud to announce that our firm has moved to award-winning provider ThinDesk’s Infrastructure Cloud solution. Our firm previously used small business on-site business servers, but the new cloud computing solution now provides the highest standards of security and data management for highly regarded legal firms dealing with confidential and critical data.

The ThinDesk Infrastructure Cloud solution is hosted in a TELUS Tier III+, SAS 70 Ontario data centre running on virtual HP/ VM Ware servers. Ron Minken, managing lawyer, visited the Telus site and commented: “Impressive, to say the least!…Armed guards, kevlar lined walls, bullet resistant glass, raised floor, biometrics, full redundancy, 24/7/365 monitoring…”

Data is backed up daily and stored in another cloned TELUS data center miles away from the Virtual Environment. Rather than being accessed through the internet, ThinDesk’ s Cloud uses a ThinDesk secured network through BELL, with a Disaster Recovery Program in place that is operative in real time should disaster hit.

Mr. Minken says he sleeps better knowing that the firm has taken steps to provide its clients with the highest level of security. He also feels that moving the business into a fully collaborative environment increases staff effectiveness, resulting in greater efficiency, less downtime and significant reduction in IT costs over time.

To learn more Contact ThinDesk (416-849-1276) or Minken Employment Lawyers (905) 477-7011.

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