The Voice: Employment Law – What Everyone in the Modern Workplace Needs to Know

PDF version (originally published in The Voice, the official Business Magazine of the Markham Board of Trade, Spring 2011).


As York Region’s only employment law boutique, we’ve seen countless cases where employment disputes could have been prevented if the involved parties had only sought the guidance of an employment lawyer early on.

Knowing some basics about the services of an employment law firm can equip you or your business to prevent or resolve a workplace dispute in the most expedient, practical and cost effective way.

Q: Who needs an employment lawyer?

A: Anyone who runs a business or works as an employee may need an employment lawyer at some point during their working life.

Q: What issues do employment lawyers handle?

A: Typical issues include employment contracts, terminations, harassment, discrimination and workplace policies such as Privacy and Electronic Media Use.

Q: Employers – how can they benefit?

A: Modern employment issues are complex. An employment lawyer can draft your workplace policies, terminations and contracts so that both costs and the possibility of litigation are minimized.

Q: Employees – why do they need an employment lawyer?

A: Because employees are often unaware of the laws affecting their rights, an employment lawyer ensures that clients receive the greatest possible entitlements when facing such issues as job offers, terminations, human rights violations and changes to the terms of their employment.

Q: When should I see an employment lawyer?

A: See an employment lawyer as soon as you are aware of a possible dispute or before making an employment decision. Early involvement often prevents increased costs and months of disputing.

Q: Who are Minken Employment Lawyers?

A: We’re a firm that practices exclusively in employment law. With over 20 years of experience serving the GTA and York Region, our founder, Ron Minken, is one of Canada’s Top Employment Law Practitioners as selected by Canadian HR Reporter. As industry leaders, our lawyers regularly author articles and papers for the Law Society of Upper Canada, business magazines and human resources publications. They also participate as guest speakers for conferences and professional development seminars.

Q: What makes Minken Employment Lawyers different?

A: Along with our exclusive focus on employment law, we’ve developed a working approach that puts clients in the best position to make the most informed and practical decisions for their best interests. At every step, we consistently provide:

  • Objective strategic analysis using the latest legal tools.
  • Full disclosure and transparency.
  • Ongoing, upfront cost-benefit calculations to ensure that the available options are in our clients’ best interests

Q: What are my next steps?

A: If you are about to make an employment decision or are facing a possible employment dispute, call us to arrange for a consultation. We can provide you the expert guidance and analysis that result in greater entitlements, optimized cost savings, and reduced time and frustration spent in negotiations and court proceedings.

We prevent and resolve your workplace issues.

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