Speaking Engagement Testimonials

Osgoode Professional Development
“As Chair of the annual Employment Law program at Osgoode Professional Development, I invited Ron Minken to be a speaker at Employment Law 2009 – Proactively Managing Legal Risk in Challenging Times. This program was designed for Human Resource professionals, in-house counsel and Employment Lawyers, and provided the latest advice, strategies, tips and tools to keep abreast of recent developments in Employment Law. Ron presented a topic entitled “Just Cause” Round-Up. His presentation was well researched, informative, and well-received. I enjoyed Ron’s enthusiasm and would highly recommend him as a speaker to other professional organizations.”
– Stuart Rudner, Miller Thomson LLP

Law Society of Upper Canada
“We invited Ron Minken to present at a Law Society of Upper Canada program which I co-chaired in 2009. This program is geared towards lawyers in the employment law field, and so, when selecting faculty, we tend to favour lawyers who are well-thought of in the bar and who are known to be effective speakers. Ron is no exception.

As expected, Ron prepared a comprehensive paper on his subject (Are Notice Periods Affected by the Economy) and a separate PowerPoint presentation. This program is a challenging one because speakers’ remarks are limited to six minutes. Lawyers participating must find a way to deliver their material in a concise and effective way, and Ron did exactly this. He is an engaging speaker and takes his speaking engagements very seriously. I would not hesitate to invite him to participate in future programs in which I am involved.”
– Christine M. Thomlinson, Rubin Thomlinson LLP

Canadian HR Reporter, CELT, Thomson Reuters (Legal Publisher)
“Ron has written numerous articles over the years for Canadian HR Reporter, the national journal of human resource management, and Canadian Employment Law Today, a biweekly publication that focuses on employment law from a business perspective.

Ron has always impressed us with his knowledge of current and critical legal issues for employers. As a result, we asked him to participate in a special webinar on Bill 168, Ontario’s workplace harassment legislation, and on constructive dismissal. Both these webinars were conducted in co-operation with Canadian HR Reporter and the Human Resources Professionals Association.

Ron came to both webinars very well prepared – he did a lot of research ahead of time in order to deliver a cogent, relevant and engaging seminar for HR professionals. He was also able to easily field questions from participants following the webinars.

He is a well respected employment lawyer who always follows through diligently when he makes commitments to either contribute a written article to Canadian HR Reporter or prepare a verbal presentation.”
– Todd Humber, Managing Editor, Canadian HR Reporter, CELT, Thomson Reuters (Legal Publisher)

Not-for-profit organization – Bill 168 Seminar
“Ron Minken and his associates provided our members with tools and knowledge that they needed in order to draft and enforce the different policies that this new mandatory legislation required. The information that was given by Ron Minken and his associates was priceless. Their presentation was proven to be very valuable to all that attended. Ron and his team were knowledgeable, professional and delivered their message in a manner that all could understand clearly. We received many calls after the event thanking us for provided this necessary seminar.”
– Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Newmarket Chamber of Commerce
Thank you very much for the informative seminar that your team gave on Bill 168: Violence and Harassment in the Workplace. Throughout the seminar, you and your team, thoroughly reviewed and explained the new requirements under Bill 168 and clarified many of the questions that our members had on this new and confusing piece of legislation, including the issue of Assessments on Violence in the Workplace. We thank you again and look forward to future speaking engagements that you are able to provide to our members.”
– Debra Scott, President & CEO, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, London, England
“Ronald’s presentation at our Chamber of Commerce in London, England, on ‘Doing Business in Canada – Employment Law Essentials’ was very insightful, thoroughly professional and well-received by our members and guests. We have been pleased to welcome world leaders, government officials, renounced individuals and other prominent businessmen to speak at our Chamber. Ron was approachable and took the time to answer many questions raised and provided comprehensive follow up information for all participants. Given Ron’s knowledge in Canadian Employment Law I believe he would provide a thought provoking presentation to any audience.”
– Nigel Bacon, Executive Director, Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce, London, England

Fitzgerald and Law Professional Advisory Services, London, UK
“My department at Fitzgerald and Law deals with the tax implications of expatriates to the UK. As many of the expatriates we deal with are Canadian companies and their assignees I attended the presentation by Ronald Minken of Minken Employment Lawyers to attempt to achieve some insight into the legal needs of these assignees to better understand their legal and tax requirements.

Ronald Minken managed to put across the information in a manner that enabled the “layman” to follow the issues and I left his presentation with at least enough knowledge to know when to involve the experts.”
– Carl Simons-Short, Senior Manager – Expatriate Tax – Fitzgerald and Law Professional Advisory Services, London, UK

Bargate Murray Solicitors (London, UK)
“I very much enjoyed Ronald’s professional presentation at the Canada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce in London (in June 2011). It was incredibly helpful to hear the views of a respected Canadian employment law expert presenting in a friendly and engaging manner.

As a UK employment lawyer with a broad international practice (including an expanding Canadian clientele) it was great to be able to benchmark the broad similarities between English and Canadian Employment law.”
– Philip Henson LL.B (Hons) FRSA, IoD – Head of Employment Law, Bargate Murray Solicitors (London, UK)

BPI Group, UK and Ireland
“It was a pleasure to introduce Ron Minken, one of Canada’s outstanding employment lawyers for an interesting presentation on employment law in Canada, hosted by the Canada/United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce at the Canadian High Commission on Grosvenor Square in Mayfair.

Before an audience of executives from some of the top financial, manufacturing and services firms in London, Ron highlighted the important differences between English and Canadian employment law for UK employers considering setting up businesses in Canada or bringing in foreign nationals to Canada. There was valuable and helpful information specifically on employment contracts and employee rights that differ significantly from the English models and practices.

The evening was a high value experience and received very positive feedback. I would highly recommend Ron as a speaker at other professional venues.”
– Noel Le Grand, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, BPI group

VPI Inc., Richmond Hill
“Thank you for all your hard work and kind support to enable us to present a wonderful employer event. All the employers were engaged and enjoyed the presentation….it is very important that we host events that are informative to the employers that we work with. Ron Minken has been a very popular key note speaker. Ron’s delivery of Employment Law Essentials was both captivating and engaging for our employers. Thank you Ron, for providing an insightful and thought provoking presentation.
– Mary Pat Nash, VPI Inc., Richmond Hill

 Markham Board of Trade, Markham
“Ron approached us with a program format to deliver information regarding Bill 168 to our membership. We ran the event and Ron and his team did a great job. They covered the topic well, in an informative manner supported by professionally done slides and handouts.

Topics such as this can be quite dry and must be presented in a manner that addresses the needs of the audience while keeping them engaged.

Ron and the team from Minken Employment Lawyers certainly hit the mark. I would certainly recommend Ron to speak at other professional events.

lf you require any further information please feel free to contact the undersigned.”
– Richard Cunningham, President and CEO, Markham Board of Trade, Markham