Navigating Workplace Romances
April 28, 2023

There are legal and ethical challenges for both employers and employees when navigating workplace romances.

Canadian Justice

Canadian Justice TV Interview: Workplace Romances & Their Consequences

April 11, 2023

Ron Minken interviewed to discuss the legalities surrounding workplace romances and how both employees and employers can protect themselves.

Canadian HR Reporter: John Tory, workplace romances and power imbalances

March 7, 2023

Canadian HR Reporter published an online article by Ronald Minken & Tanya Sambi: "John Tory, workplace romances and power imbalances".

Workplace Romances

John Tory, Workplace Romances and Power Imbalances

February 13, 2023

After the news broke that John Tory had an affair with his 31-year old staff member, many have asked whether all workplace romances are illegal.