Canadian Employment Law Today
November 11, 2014

Published online in Canadian Employment Law Today, Oct. 2014 – Arnone v. Best Theratronics Ltd. – Reasonable notice should be bridge to full pension if dismissed employee is close to eligibility: Ontario court

Man Terminated

Loss of Pension: Employee Awarded $65,000

October 13, 2014

Arnone v. Best Theratronics Ltd.: After 31 years of service, a 53 year old employee was terminated without cause as part of a restructuring.

Court Wrongful Dismissal

SCC Rules Pension Benefits Should Not Be Deducted From Wrongful Dismissal Damages

March 3, 2014

IBM Canada Limited v. Waterman the Supreme Court of Canada decided that an employee was entitled to keep his pension benefits as well as the full dama Read More...