Work Refusals Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic
April 2, 2020

Lawyer Zoë Roberts provides answers to questions on work refusals during COVID-19 and employers’ obligations to provide safe workplaces.

Dismissed Woman

Wal-Mart to Pay Employee $750,000 in Moral & Punitive Damages

March 12, 2018

While employers in Ontario have a right to terminate their employees, there is also a requirement that the termination is done in good faith. If emplo Read More...

Termination -- woman with box

Ontario Court Upholds Termination of Employee Who Refused to Consent to Background Check After being Hired

December 6, 2016

In Covenoho v. Pendylum Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice determined that Pendylum Inc. was entitled to terminate Covenoho without cause.

Termination for Cause

Employee’s Claims of Economic Duress, Misrepresentation Not Enough to Invalidate Signed Release

September 19, 2016

In Nicastro v. Tenaris Algoma Tubes Inc., Ms. Nicastro filed a Human Rights Application alleging discrimination on the basis of age and disability, de Read More...