Social Media Use Discriminatory -- woman hand computer computing typing digital tablet silhouette
March 27, 2017

By Sara A. Kauder Cyberspace is the not so new frontier that has brought with it many wonderful things and some not so good things – such as online harassment and bullying. What happens when cyberspace harassment enters the workplace? Do employers have an obligation to protect their employees from online harassment? The recent labour […]

Failure to Accommodate Employee - sad woman

Ontario Court of Appeal Awards One of the Highest Amounts Ever for Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

March 20, 2017

Many practitioners have felt that damages under the Ontario Humans Right Code are not as significant as they should be. In the past few years, however Read More...

Court House Legislation

Termination Clauses – Clarity from the Court of Appeal

February 28, 2017

After the Supreme Court of Canada denied leave to appeal on the controversial Oudin v. Centre Francophone de Toronto decision, the Ontario Court of Ap Read More...


Constructive Dismissal? – What Would a “Reasonable Person” Think?

January 10, 2017

In Lawrence v. Norwood Industries Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice determined that a working environment that was “far from ideal” was Read More...