Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault Investigations
June 27, 2023

Ontario employers have a duty to handle sexual harassment complaints seriously, promptly and sensitively. Failure to do so could result in liability.

Sexual Assault

Workplace Guide – Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault – Part I

June 27, 2023

Ontario employers are required to maintain a safe workplace free from harassment, including sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Employer’s Guide to Return to Work – Employment Law & Mental Health

May 22, 2020

How can employers manage mental health-related concerns in their workplace as employees return to work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Employer’s Guide to Sick Leave

May 19, 2020

Employers in Ontario, regardless of the size of the business, should have in place a plan and a policy for employees’ sick leave.

  • Employment Terminations 101

    May 19, 2020

    Contrary to popular opinion, any employee can be terminated at any time. Most dismissals are generally uncontestable by the employee.